Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mission Times

Dear Family and Friends,

Here’s my second attempt at a letter.  My first was eaten by the computer and even with my ninja like computer skills I’ve been unable to find it.

Time is flying by.  At this rate we’ll be home in no time at all.  Last week we had our Meet the Missionaries meetings.  What adorable, enthusiastic kids!  They’re all so anxious to help and to serve.  We felt like movie stars.  They all wanted pictures with us.

Dad gave a really inspiring message.  He definitely has the mantle.  I did the usual mission president’s wife stuff and told them to wear repellent and not drink from the faucet etc.  I also spent some time talking about the Adjusting to Missionary Life book.  They spent an entire day of training in the MTC on this so I figured I’d spend a little time on it.  After that meeting and using it a couple of times with the missionaries I decided to talk about it in our leadership counsel.  Now after a few more days and a few more opportunities to use it I’ve decided to address it more in zone conferences next week.  I believe it’s an inspired book.  I’ve used it myself.  This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I have faith the Lord will help me figure things out.

For the next several Sundays Dad and I are speaking in various wards and in branch conferences.  I knew I wanted to address member-missionary work but didn’t know how to go about it.  I felt inspired to tell my mom’s conversion story since it’s all about a member who went out of her way to reach out to my family.  I’m feeling pretty good about speaking for the next few weeks.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

The last several days have been spent taking care of a sick sister missionary.  She was working way out in the boonies so we had her come in to the city with her comp to be treated.  After three days of going from hospitals to clinics and back again and only having the doctors treat the symptoms we were blessed with a doctor who wanted to get to the bottom of her condition.  Turns out she has gall stones.  I’m surprised and ashamed that I didn’t recognize the symptoms, having dealt with that myself.  Anyway at least we know what we’re dealing with.  We’ve sent her comp back to their area and will get her taken care of and send her back as soon as possible.

Her comp has been so kind and caring.  It’s been a sweet thing to witness.  I found out that she (Sister Adao, the comp) is a recent convert.  Her mother was a member but had left the church 20 years ago  and become bitter.  

Sister Adao was not allowed to attend church or have anything to do with it but her aunt and uncle snuck her to a few activities and just from that and their example she knew she wanted to be baptized.  She was baptized at 18 and a year later went on her mission.  When her mom heard she was going on a mission she told her not to bother coming home after.  She reported to the MTC not knowing if she’d see her family again.  Fortunately her first letter from home expressed how proud her mother was of her and everything seems to be okay.  It’s amazing though how many of our missionaries have comparable stories and what they’re willing to sacrifice for the gospel’s sake.  My little sacrifice pities by comparison.

I love you all and am grateful for your prayers.  We’ll continue to work hard and try to make you proud.

Sunset over the Piracicaba River from our balcony

My first 5 miler in Brazil

A picture of Papa as requested by 2 year old Mae (granddaughter)

A chilly 49 degrees this morning for our exercise


  1. LOVE reading about these neat experiences you guys are having in Brazil. Thank you so much for letting us all come along for the ride. Love you all so much!

  2. Love hearing about your Brazilian adventures! Keep it coming!!!

  3. You two will be fantastic together! Sounds like a wonderful adventure.

  4. Watch for my nephew Elder Connor Walton. I leaves for the MTC on August 1. I am so excited for him to have such a wonderful couple to help guide him through his mission.

  5. wonderful moments and the beginning of a new history!! ;) :)