Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finding Comfort

Hi Family and Friends!

I figured Howard covered everything pretty well but I can share some personal things.

I had a few days where I was having a hard time "Enjoying It", but I'm feeling much more comfortable now.  I can understand most of what's said to me on the phone now, which is a big deal because the missionaries call me when they're sick for advice.  Learning the medicines in Portuguese is another issue all together, but we're getting there.  Yesterday I filled up the car with gas, went to the bank, and drove to another city to help in an emergency transfer, all firsts for me.  And it all went well!

We've had multi-zone conferences and now Howard is in the middle of interviewing the missionaries who are going home and planning transfers.  He seems to be made for this calling, not that it's easy.  He's busy all of the time but he just seems to know what to say and what to do.  The missionaries have really taken to him, which is easy to understand.

We've had a sister here in the mission home who had her gall bladder out and is here recovering.  She is such a sweetheart and it's been a joy to have her here.  We've had various sisters with special needs come stay with her in the mission home so I don't need to be here 24/7.  It has been so much fun for me to get to know these sisters a little better.  Each one has an inspiring story.  

I've also had my cousin's 16 year old granddaughter here this week.  She is not a member of our church.  I was a little nervous wondering how I was going to juggle the sisters and Laura, but they're all having so much fun together that I hardly have to do anything.  I haven't found a ton of fun things to do here in Piracicaba, so I was worried how I was going to entertain her, but that hasn't been an issue.  She even joins them for companion study in the morning!

I've had a few tender mercies this last week.  Last Tuesday I needed some stuff at the store and I knew Howard had a lot of letters to read, so I was going to wait until the next day, but he was insistent that we walk over that evening.  It was such a gorgeous evening, with a beautiful moon and we walked passed the falls on the way.  On the way back there seemed to be something going on at this old sugar cane factory we walk through.  Upon further investigation, there was going to be a concert in five minutes, it was free, and it was a cello orchestra.  Heavenly Father knew I could use a little peaceful and relaxing and lovely music that night.  And He knew the special place I have in my heart for cellos.  The only thing that would've made it better would've been a few violas!

Yesterday we brought a new sister into the mission home to stay with our surgery sister.  The first thing she did was sit down at the piano and play Clair d'Lune.  Those who know me well know that's my favorite classical piece ever!  I felt like Heavenly Father was reaching down and giving me a hug!

I found out this week that the president before Howard had to sell everything to be able to afford to come on this mission.  My sacrifice is so small!

We've been traveling quite a bit to visit different wards on weekends.  The open land between the cities here is so beautiful and green and lush.  The members are so grateful that we've made the effort to go visit their little wards and branches.  They treat us like royalty.  A lot remember the Bangerter name which just adds to their love for us.

I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve here in Piracicaba.  I'm hoping to have our crate from home soon so I can hang family pictures.  Then I think I'll be able to feel like this is home.

I love and miss you all!

Making chocolate chip cookies with Laura and the sisters

Pictures on the fridge from Coco and Gigi

A darling Portuglish note from the sisters

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