Thursday, March 16, 2017

Zone Conferences, Transfers and More

Hi All!

Time keeps zipping by here in Piracicaba!  In February the Brazilians celebrated Carnaval.  We didn't see much in our area but seems like many of the stakes here held youth conferences over that weekend and holiday.  Howard and I had the privilege of speaking at four of these-two on Sunday and two on Monday.  It was fun to be with the youth and see them enjoying the activities and sharing in each other's company.  Being from an area where there were not many LDS youth I remember how important these activities were to me.

Then we had transfers.  We lost some gems but gained some new ones!

This last week we had our zone conferences and this week starts three weeks of interviews.  I love this new schedule and being able to spend more time with the missionaries.

With zone conferences my running schedule has been off and I ended up running one evening in a torrential rainstorm.  It was only sprinkling when I left and actually it's easier running in the rain than in the heat.  Anyway, I ruined my mission phone.  It drowned! I lost some pictures and my notes.  I'm using my old phone from home until I get a replacement.  It was one of those memorable runs though.

We've had some amazing miracles here in our mission.  One person of another religion dreamed the name of our church.  She investigated it online and is now receiving the lessons and preparing for baptism.  Another family had been contacted by a pair of sisters but with transfers the sisters hadn't returned.  In the meantime someone had delivered a basket of food and some money to them in the name of the church.  When inquiry was made as to who sent it, the deliverer said it was two missionaries in white shirts and ties, with  name tags, one tall American and another Brazilian. We have no elders working in that area and the ones close by had no idea what they were talking about.  We don't know where the help came from but we're not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  We're grateful for any help we receive.  Our missionaries are seeing other miracles in their lives and in their work as they work hard and are obedient.

We're on our second round of stake conferences now and are speaking nearly every Sunday.  Will it ever get easier?  I comes so easily for Howard!

We love and miss you all and hope some of you will come visit us while we're here!


 Some of our wonderful sisters

 Zone conference

 Soggy car

 Happy to have completed an honorable mission

 YM preparing for missions

 Missionaries of Excellence

 Zone Conference in Piracicaba

 Lunch after interviews in Botucatu

 Zone Conference


Girls Camp

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