Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Leadership Council and Mission Life

Dear Family and Friends!

Time continues to fly by.  We've been travelling quite a lot with interviews and Stake Conferences.  We live pretty much in a concrete jungle but it always takes my breath away when we're out on the road.  It only takes a couple of minutes to be out where it's so green and lush and the dirt is red and the hills rolling.  It's so beautiful!

Today we had our Leader Council.  Dad wanted to have it here in the mission home.  In the past it's been at a ward building, but I think he was jealous of Paulo's having it at his place and decided to give it a try.  It was a lot like Thanksgiving at the farm-pretty crowded but lots of fun.  I like to have the missionaries here with us!  

It was a great meeting and Dad talked about the leadership qualities from D&C 121. Also we talked about the logistics of next week, which will be a red letter week for the mission.  Dad had already decided to bring all of the missionaries in to march in the Independence Day parade on September 7th and then have a conference with all of the missionaries together.  Then we received notice that Elder Anderson and Elder Aidukaitis and Carlos Martins were going to visit the mission on September 6th and wanted us to gather all of the missionaries,  It's so perfect!  They'll all arrive on the 6th for the conference, will march in the parade on the 7th and then will head back to their areas.  It's not often that they all get together so there are a lot of details to work out, but everyone is super excited, including me!

My stuff arrived and we now have family pictures on every wall and in every nook and cranny of the mission home.  I also bought a canary!  The house was so stark and quiet, but now with my things and the canary who sings beautifully all day long I feel quite at home!  I only need a dog (and my family of course) to make it complete but we'll wait three years for that!

This is such a wonderful experience.  We feel the Lord's hand in all we do.  I knew I'd love living here in Brazil, but I didn't realize how much I'd love these missionaries.  It is truly a blessing to be able to get to know them.  The future of this church is definitely in good hands!

Communicating with the Americans is easy.  We understand each other's accents really well and if we don't we just switch to English.  Speaking with the Brazilians is not bad.  Usually if I don't understand they slow down and explain a little more and we come to an understanding.  But communicating with those who come from Spanish speaking countries can be a real challenge.  I don't understand their Portuguese and they don't understand mine.  We're working on it.

We love you all and pray for you everyday.  We have faith that the Lord is watching over and protecting our loved ones.

Leadership Council meeting at the Mission Home

With President Calssi and family, 
Hortolandia Stake Conference Aug. 28th

  A young woman headed to Paulo’s mission in September, 
Sao Joao da Boa Vista on Sunday

 One of Cory’s sister missionaries, her husband and daughter, 
in Sao Joao da Boa Vista on Sunday

 Sunflower field enroute to SJBV on Saturday

 Storm Clouds from our balcony last week

With Pres Campos (SJBV stake pres.) & family, 
and others in Aguas da Prata on Sunday after stake conference 

 President Campos’ wife could be Suzie’s twin sister! (although the photo doesn't show it very well) 

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